Will The Last Patek Nautilus 5711 Models Have A ‘John Mayer Green’ Dial?

‘So ein Modell laesst man nicht auslaufen, ohne etwas Neues in der Hinterhand zu haben.’

So the word is out. Supposedly it was an Italian dealer that let it slip. The most popular Patek Phillipe will be discontinued. At first it makes no sense; that is, unless you follow Patek Phillipe. The CEO himself made it clear; Patek Phillipe is a watch company that produces pieces in precious metals. They are a watch company that mainly makes timepieces in traditional styles.

And this, of course, is everything the Nautilus watch is not.

What the Nautilus is, however, is a watch that is extremely popular and hard to get. So when watch blogs began reporting these cancellation whispers around the beginning of the year, prices on the secondhand market took off. Not that they were going anywhere but up in the first place, but this news really added fuel to the fire! In theory, if you could buy one at retail from a shop, the MSRP is $30,000. As the watch gained popularity and hype, grey market demand pushed most examples up to $80k. Now with the discontinuation announcement, that grey-market price is around $90k.

That price probably won’t go down in the near future.

And there’s more; Patek boss Thierry Stern let a little nugget slip today in his interview with the New Zuercher Zeitung. If your German isn’t the best, here’s a basic translation; ‘You don’t let a model like this end it’s time without having a little something hidden in the other hand.’ So the rumors are buzzing! What could Mr. Stern mean by this? Some people are saying there might be a dial color change in store for the 5711. A last-minute special edition, perhaps? The Rolex Passion Report blog is already showing a Photoshopped version of a 5711 with a green dial!

A Nautilus ‘Hulk?’ It would be fitting.

Rolex’s own green Submariners experienced their own price bump in the last 12 months following cancellation news. And the color has always been a thing for Patek; the ‘Khaki Green’ 5168G Aquanaut has it’s own legion of followers. (Yes, of course that was the watch John Mayer wears in his ‘Talking Watches 2.’) We have to stress here that this is not confirmed information. It’s just some pictures we saw on the Internet.

But boy, are those pictures cool-looking.

Anyone have any info on the last of the 5711s? Hit us up at curatedinquiries@gmail.com if so!

A little more about the picture: the pic above is unaltered. It’s a vintage Nautilus that somehow turned green due to UV light fading over a period of years. We’ve never seen another example. However, if a new green Nautilus were to come to life… it might look like the vintage piece at the top of the story. Here’s to hoping.