What Watch Are You Wearing? Edgar, Le Clou De Paris

CC: So, Edgar, what watch are you wearing?

E: It’s my Rolex 6694, my first Rolex. I bought her in Paris last year to celebrate my 18th birthday.

CC: Does this Rollie get regular wear, or is it more of a special occasion piece?

E: It’s my daily watch, I wear it almost every day.

CC: Is it weird to rock a Rolex, especially as a younger guy?

E: Well, I wear it all the time, so in school sometimes people think I’m rich! Just because of the name and the crown on the watch. They don’t know it’s more of a modestly-priced collector’s piece compared to modern Rolex watches. Unfortunately, it was on my girlfriend’s wrist right before the heavy lockdown we had in Paris, so I didn’t get to see my watch for almost 2 months!

CC: Wow, a long way to be away from your sweetheart! Did you miss her?

E: When she came back to me, it was at that moment that I remembered every single detail. The size, the 34mm…the dark glossy dial, how could one not?

CC: How did you explain to friends who only thought Rolex = millionaire? (I say this as someone who has a few interesting watches, but also gets this situation where people only really notice if it’s a Rolex!)

E: Yes, kids do ask the classic question, ‘how much did it cost,’ but I just turn it back on them with the response of ‘well, what do you think!’ I then usually explain to them that it’s my passion. Maybe some spend money on shoes or trips, me I save for my watches. Of course it also happens because Rolex is such a well known brand and style. Whatever. Some people have this idea of Rolex = untouchable luxury…but we collectors know this isn’t reality. Everything is a matter of priority.

CC: The 34mm Precision is a great piece, where did you find it?

E: I found her in a little vintage watch shop in Paris called ‘le collection’heur.’ I told him that I loved the model, and the next week I came back to the shop and put it on my wrist. It hasn’t really left me since.

CC: Did it feel different with the watch on?

E: Haha! Yes, The first thing I remember was a couple on the Parisian metro, they looked at my watch and said in French, ‘look, this kid wears a Rolex.’ Maybe they thought that because I’m a young guy with such a watch that I couldn’t understand them?

CC: Yep. As collectors, we see such a difference between say an Air King and a Paul Newman Daytona, we forget that according to the general public, it’s all the same!

E: Yah, for most people, Rolex just mean big and expensive shiny watches. Ouch.

CC: Do you think you will keep it a while, or do you think you might eventually trade or upgrade?

E: No, I don’t think I will! It’s my first ‘real watch,’ I bought it with my own money, I bought it for myself. Ideally I will keep it my entire life then give it to my children. But we don’t know what can happen!

CC: Wow. Hope you get to do this then!

CC: What got you into watches originally?

E: This is due to Vincent! Ha. He talked to me all the time about watches, and (shamefully!) I bought a bad fake Rolex in Marrakech to show him. He made me buy a Seiko 5 Sport…and since then every day I’ve had some sort of watch on my wrist.

CC: Hahahahaaa, that’s fire man. Going from the beach ‘rolex’ to the real deal in only a couple years. Moving up in a rocketship, baby!

E: Yeahhhh, it was faster than I thought.

CC: Do you have your eye on any new watches? Any new targets?

E: Oh yeah! This is not the end. The next one will probably be a Bubble Back, or a UG Polerouter. That’s my latest hesitation decision.

CC: Thanks for the answers, sir!




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