Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration Watch Is A Rolex Datejust.

Men who guide the destinies of the world wear Rolex watches.

This was the slogan of the famous Rolex ads of the ’50s, and it seems these days have at least in some ways returned. Whereas most American Presidents have worn understated wristwear in the recent past (think Clinton in his Timex Ironman velcro straps) Biden seems to be throwing things back a bit. Eisenhower, Reagan, and yes, Trump all wore the Crown. Joe seems to have thrown the public a bit of a curveball tonight, as he’s usually known to rock Omega.

He’s worn a trusty blue-dialed 36mm Seamaster 300M on the campaign trail for years, and in the recent past has also added a classic Speedmaster to his rotation. Not unlike a lot of watch guys, he also has a Seiko in the mix; the 7T32–6M90 was on his wrist when he made his victory speech.

The Rollie seems to be a fairly new addition! What’s wild is that he went with a Datejust; very classic, and one of the few steel sports Rollies that’s actually kinda sorta available for purchase. President Biden’s seems to be a smooth-bezeled version, either 36mm or 41mm and what seems to be a grey-colored dial. He’s surely got it on a Jubilee bracelet, again a throwback yet classic choice.

It just makes sense; if you’re gonna get sworn in on a Bible that came straight outta ‘Legend Of Zelda’ you might as well rock a Rolex. And if you’re a son of Scranton, PA, you might as well make it steel.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This (Rolex.)

Congratulations to President Biden, and we’re excited to see what else he wears whilst in office.

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